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Woodland Bard


Woodland Bard Course:

A Spiritual journey into the heart of Britain through story, poetry and contemplation.’
Course 1: A personal journey into Tradition — This first unique booklet explores a personal connection to the traditions of Britain inviting you on a journey into your inner worlds through the perfect mirror of nature.
Packed with inspiring poetry and spiritual truths from the mystics of the West.

‘I bought mine at Butser Ancient Farm for Imbolc. I recommend it highly.‘
’It’s really wonderful — a clear depiction of connecting with British traditions suitable for everyone.‘
’Your writing is profound and makes exceptional reading.‘

’Reading your booklet actually gave me an experience of my heart opening’

OPTION 1 — Woodland Bard Course 1 -£5

OPTION 2 — Woodland Bard Year Course ( courses 1–8 ) -£35

Each booklet will be delivered to your door throughout the year for a seasonal gift of inspiration.

OPTION 3 — Course 2– Meditation and Ritual -£5

OPTION 4 — Course 3– Exploring the Seasons -£5

OPTION 5 — Course 4– Celebrating the Seasons -£5

OPTION 6 — Course 5– The Seasons as a Way of Life -£5

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