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Woodland Bard Course:
‘A Spiritual journey into the heart of Britain through story, poetry and contemplation.’
Course 1: A personal journey into Tradition — This first unique booklet explores a personal connection to the traditions of Britain inviting you on a journey into your inner worlds through the perfect mirror of nature.
’I bought mine at Butser Ancient Farm for Imbolc. I recommend it highly.‘
’It’s really wonderful — a clear depiction of connecting with British traditions suitable for everyone.‘
’Your writing is profound and makes exceptional reading.’

OPTION 1 — Woodland Bard Course 1 -£5

OPTION 2 — Woodland Bard Year Course ( courses 1–8 ) -£40

A new course will be released at each Celtic Festival ( 8 booklets), delivered to your door for a seasonal gift of inspiration.

OPTION 3 — Course 2– Meditation and Ritual -£5

OPTION 4 — Course 3– Exploring the Seasons -£5

Bushcraft Courses:
Fantastic weekends in the heart of a beautiful ancient woodland exploring survival skills such as different ways of primitive fire lighting, wild food identification and woodland crafts.

OPTION B1 — Bushcraft course-£150

OPTION B2 — Bushcraft course-£75

OPTION B3 — Bushcraft course-£50

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