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courses & activities


For adults and children we can offer a programme of camp craft skills for all ages presented in a safe, fun and inclusive manner.

Jonathon has had Teacher Training in Bushcraft and holds qualifications in Woodcraft, Expedition Leadership (B.E.L.A), First Aid and Food Hygiene.

To arrange your wilderness skills programme please email

See events page for programmes on offer…

Spoon Carving Course Sat 22nd April and 14th October 10:00 –16:00 £65 Non-residential Hot drinks included.
Learn how to carve a spoon, spatula and butter knife on this wood carving course in the Hampshire South Downs. Our tutor, Jonathan Huet will teach you how to use a knife, saw, crook knife and axe to whittle items from locally harvested green wood.
To book: 01730 823166

Adult Bushcraft One Day Course Sat 27th May 10:00 –15:00 £65 Non-residential
Refreshments and lunch included
Enjoy a one day bushcraft course in the Hampshire South Downs near Petersfield. Spend a day in the woods, learning how to light a fire, build a shelter and forage for wild food. This course will not only teach you those important survival skills which help build confidence and self-reliance in living outdoors but will connect those skills to the traditions of Woodsmanship in this country.
To book: 01730 823166

Bushcraft Wilderness Days for young people
10.30am to 3.00pm
Wed 12 Apr Tue 18 Apr Wed 31 May Tue 24 Oct
Immerse yourself for a day in the woods learning how to survive. Each day will be packed with exciting projects to give each participant a Wilderness experience for the season. Learn to to create fire, make shelter, learn to identify, harvest, and make food in the woods according to the season. If you complete all of the Bushcraft courses throughout the year you will gain a good grounding in all aspects of living and working in the woods. Ratio of adults to children 1:2 maximum. Ages 8+ £18.50
To book: 01730 823166