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celtic festivals


Celebration of Celtic Traditions

Celebrating the Celtic Festivals at the Sustainability Centre and Butser Ancient Farm, events for all the family.

At these two remarkable centres set in the Ancient Countryside of Hampshire we will mark the changing seasons and celebrate the unique beauty of the British Countryside in the heart of our ancient lands.

These events are based on the indigenous culture of Britain. The event often starts with a demonstration of an ancient method of lighting a fire.

Once the fire is lit and the atmosphere builds, Jonathon will often share a story from the British culture bringing it alive with poetry, song, humour and drum.

This is usually followed by uplifting singing and a sip of tree tea collected and made from local berries, bark or leaves.
These events are often very popular and children are always welcome to take part and connect with the Traditions of Britain’s Countryside.

Earth Spirituality in Schools

Learn about the ancient history and spirituality of Britain. Jonathon is an experienced teacher and delivers an original thought-provoking presentation on pagan beliefs suitable for all schools.

‘I would like to thank you for the workshop you ran at the Hampshire Beliefs and Values Conference this year.
You were an extremely popular workshop with both staff and students and contributed to the overall success of the day. A number of those attending the conference commented on the originality of your contribution and have asked whether you would be able to run similar sessions in their schools.’

Next Events

Woodland Bard School in Brighton
An In-depth meditation course on the flora, history, poems, and folklore of this sacred land.
A friendly unique group that meet every second Wednesday at the Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove. 7.30pm — 9.15pm. £7 per person inc. factsheet and herb teas.

Saturday 4th February Imbolc : Celtic Spring Festival of Imbolc. 1pm– 4pm Butser Ancient Farm
Prepare to bid farewell to the cold winter nights and gradually welcome in the spring! It is held half way between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, and we’ll have storytelling, poetry, singing and firelight (with Jonathon Huet of Walk With Trees) to make this year’s festival one to remember.
Tickets are £12 and include a light vegetarian meal.
1pm– 4pm 023 9259 8838

Spring Fire Ritual at Stanmer Organics.
A practical and insightful Introduction to Celtic Spirituality and an opportunity to feel a deep connection with the land of Sussex.
Sunday 19th March 10am-1pm, Stanmer Organics, Brighton

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